Anti-Pollution Service

The branches, Hebei Haichang Shipping and Tianjin Shenghua Shipping, have provided marine environmental protection service like oil spill responses, SPRO agent, sludge disposal and oil tank cleaning for shipowners more than 10 years at Chinese ports.

With continuous improvement of self-demand, we have formed a skilled, experienced, prompt and excellent operation team through long-term trial.  

Our facilities have met the relevant requirements of China MSA and emergency response plan approved by MSA has also stood the practice.   

The high-quality services have won the recognition from our customers. Our client group expands overseas and the number has increased to 200 until now.    

We not only conduct regular oil spill response drill with MSA, but also invite officials from P&I Club to introduce the advanced equipment and exchange experience through tight communication. Moreover, our oil spill response tariff has been approved by ITOPF.  

We set up the treatment plant to avoid secondary pollution from the hazardous waste disposal. Through scientific management and advanced treatment process, we can settle all pollutants in the HW08 and truly achieve a closed cycle service system for pollutants receiving, processing and reusing.

We are engaged in upholding the company’s service concept to strengthen management quality and commit to providing more comprehensive, convenient and international-standard services to our customers.